About the Artist


Saleem Uddin Ghori


An extraordinary artist capturing vivid insights of the past, remarkable hints of the present and instilling his humbleness through awe-inspiring displays of virtues and Quranic verses.


Saleem Uddin Ghori was born in Kota Rajasthan, India in January 1940. Ghori, migrated to Pakistan in June of 1948. Mr.Ghori graduated in Fine Arts and Technical Methods from National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan in 1964.

After captivating audiences as far as Japan, Germany, Pakistan, and Canada in the 60’s and 70’s, Saleem Ghori, continues to inspire and motivate into the next millennium with his vividness and passions for art. His latest passions can be summed up as “A Window to the Arab World” portraying life as he has seen while his time in Arabia. His most recent work with Islamic calligraphy portrays his love and admiration for his religion and his wish to express given responsibilities and virtues that any religion could appreciate.

He has expressed his thoughts and feelings using oils, water colors, sketches and woodcuts. He is also known for his portraits. These portraits include portraits of the Royal Families for government offices, hotels, and conference halls in Saudi Arabia. His other remarkable pieces include designing and producing postal stamps, currency, passports and secure documents for Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other countries. He also displayed his bird-eye view of the Holy Mosque and Kabaa’ in an African bank.

After his retirement from his 32 year position as chief designer under Ministry of Finance in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, he continues to put his art to test while enjoying his time with his family.

His art displays natural earth tones with combinations of vivid hues to compliment any decor at home or fine institutions.

His message to his audience in each piece is “NO religion permits terrorism and lawlessness by ways of bribery, spoiling of human behavior or to corrupt the character of mankind.” He wishes to promote peace, kindness, and virtues to all who take time to admire his work and prays that they will in turn share these attributes with others.